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Student Management

As your School grows and expands, It is a real challenge to keep track of each student’s progress and individual needs.

We help you to keep track of your student’s information and records to easily follow up on the progress and individual needs of your students.

Retrain your students with automatic follow-ups and motivation. Keep track of the time and progress of each student for belt promotion time frames so your students feel content, motivated and attended to.

Turn prospective leads into paying students with a click of a button!

Student’s logs keep your instructors informed of any issues and specific items that will need to be addressed depending on each student’s individual learning ability.

Now that’s student retention!!

Class Attendance Tracking

It’s very important to keep track of student’s class attendance.

This is needed not only to be able to track student’s progress and commitment, but to measure your school’s overall activity and growth performance.

You will need full popular classes to grow and expand your school.

Class Attendance is the measuring stick of the life of your school.

Proper attendance tracking will help you determine what changes are needed to expand your business.

We provide you with attendance logging by Instructor (cell phone) or Student self check-ins (desktop).

We make it easy to log class attendance!!

Sales Store

We have teamed up with e-commerce powerhouse Amazon Storefronts to provide you with the best on-line store possible.

You will have your own Amazon Store integrated into the system to sell School Merchandise.

And you can leverage the power of Amazon Marketing for your school customized products and services.

Your school will have great web exposure!!!

Instructor Tools

Instructors can help set-up Class Curriculum and Class Schedules with easy and simple navigation tools.

Instructors can track student’s progress as well as set up goals for promotions.

They can also maintain logs for students and classes.

The Instructor’s log is the go-to tool to follow up on School’s activities.

Video log is also coming soon for instructor’s to better prepare for class and improve on training material.

Instructor tools keeps the school on the same page!!!

Internet Marketing

Promote your school with the latest Internet Marketing tools.

From Advanced SEO to Social Media integration and Funnels your School will be on the spot light.

Link to Social Media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter to create Seminar, Events and Informative postings simultaneously and automatically.

Funnels will get you the leads needed to turn interested candidates into paying students.

And you will also have your own Chat Bot salesman to advertise your school and get more paying members.

We help you get more students!!!

Payments and Accounting

Easily set your School up with a merchant account to receive recurring student membership payments by credit card or bank transfer.

You can also keep your current payment processor or merchant account if you already have one.

And you can set-up your School with Cryptocurrency Payment Processing and accept all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin!

Payments are linked to your student’s membership subscriptions to track student payments and delinquency.

You can link your payment transactions to your accounting software for all your accounting needs and download payment history reports as well as any other information you may need for your records.

We get you paid!

Exchanges and Wallets

Accept all major cryptocurrencies, alt-coins and stable-coins as well as goverment issued money.


Accept all major cryptocurrencies, alt-coins and stable-coins as well as goverment issued money.

Binancecoin-BNB Bitcoin-BTC. Bitcoincash-BCH Bitcoingold-BTG Cardano-ADA Cosmos-ATOM Cryptocom-MCO Dash-DASH Eos-EOS Ethereum-ETH Ethereumclassic-ETC Iostoken-IOST IOTA-MIOTA Kucoinshares-KCS Lambda-LAMB Litecoin-LTC Nano-NANO NEM-XEM Neo-NEO Nexo-NEXO Ripple-XRP Stellar-Lumens-XLM Tether-USDT Tezos-XTZ Tron-TRX USD-Coin-USDC Zcash-ZEC

Invest in the future!

Argentine-Peso Australian-Dollar Brazilian-Real British-Pound Canadian-Dollar Chinese-Yuan Euro Hong-Kong-Dollar Indian-Rupee Indonesian-Rupiah Japanese-Yen Mexican-Peso New-Zealand-Dollar Norwegian-Krone Russian-Ruble Singapore-Dollar South-Korean-Won Ukrainian-Hryvnia United-States-Dollar Vietnamese-Dong

And get paid from anywhere in the currency of you choice!

Payments by Stellar Network Stellar Network

Data Import and Export

You can import or export all of your Schools information in excel or csv format.

Students, classes and schedules can all be uploaded to the system or downloaded from the system as needed at the click of a button.

This allows you to easily import all your School’s information from your old system by using simple provided template formats.

And you have full control of your data!!!

100% Free to Master Instructors

The system is free to select third degree black belt or higher school owners and instructors.

We support the Jiu Jitsu community!

The Cobrajitsu Martial Arts Gym Management Services

Allows you and empowers you to run your school without the hassle of administrative tasks.

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